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Kint and Associates, Inc. works with major snack manufacturers and market leaders in Korea, China, Vietnam and other Pacific Rim countries.  We assist clients with product development, formulation, process technologies, R&D issues, and sourcing needs for various projects in the confectionery, snack food, bakery, beverage, restaurant and food service industries.


Kint and Associates, Inc. has partnered with numerous US firms to provide our clients with a full range of ingredients, technical assistance and product development support for any bakery, beverage, confection, frozen dessert and snack application.  Here are just a few of our featured partners and associates:

Oregon Potato Co. Oregon Potato Co. is a fully integrated grower and processor of potatoes, vegetables and fruits.  Capabilities include of Dehydrated Potatoes (flakes, flour, dices, slices); Dehydrofrozen Products (potatoes, carrots, onions); Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables; Frozen Vegetable Processing.
Reading Bakery Systems Reading Bakery Systems has been a leader in the snack food industry for more than a century.  RBS provides innovative full production line equipment solutions to snack food and baking manufacturers worldwide. Reading Thermal Systems also provides temperature profiling technology for optimizing oven performance.
Miles Willard Technologies (MWT) MWT is a snack development expert, at the forefront of innovation.  MWT helps major companies world-wide, successfully develop and commercialize snack products. Their R&D pilot line allows testing of many product parameters, efficiently and effectively.
FONA​ International FONA​ International is an innovative flavor company focused on delivering high-value taste, technology and manufacturing solutions to the Beverage, Confection, Grain, Savory, Healthcare, Dairy/Dessert markets.  ​FONA​ offers full service flavor creation from ideation, market insights and product development to technical and regulatory support​, while working closely with customers to meet their specific flavor needs.
Kerry Ingredients & Flavours Kerry Ingredients & Flavours is a world leader in food ingredients and flavors.  Kerry develops, manufactures and delivers technology-based ingredients, flavors and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry.  Kerry offers a full-range of ingredients for functional, frozen dessert, cereal, confectionery and bakery products.
And many more…